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The Biggest Misconception About Crypto-Recovery

Crypto Recovery is often a messy and costly process, but it’s possible, contrary to common belief. Although transactions made on the Blockchain in and of themselves are irreversible, it doesn’t mean one cannot recoup funds that have been misappropriated by fraudsters in the crypto sphere.

Depending on circumstances, there are available courses of action scam victims can take, and should take. From lost passwords of Crypto Wallets, to ICO and investment scams, crypto assets and crypto currency recovery can be achieved through a multifaceted process, which often involves law enforcement, a broad range of technologies, and industry knowledge.

It is vastly misunderstood though, because when people think of crypto currency they often link it to the decentralized, unregulated nature of Blockchain technology, thus lose hope and faith in their financial recovery. However, this pessimistic viewpoint is not only ineffective in that it leads to inaction, but it also stems from ignorance, narrow-mindedness, and lack of creativity. It is particularly noteworthy that any fraudster that operates online has some sort of digital footprint, thereby traceable. Depending on the type of scam, its website(s), and its digital network, identification and compensation may be achievable.

It’s true that once a block is generated on the Blockchain, no one else can change it, this is the whole point of crypto. However, this is the wrong way of viewing the problem, which is lost cryptocurrency. To achieve results, we shall address this problem from different angles, and indeed— there are various creative, practical, and fruitful ideas to get a hold of the criminals, through their call center, marketing platform, payment facilitator, domain registrar, and web hosting provider. Additionally, if your case is fresh, you have sufficient evidence, and there’s a tight relationship between your bank and the exchange/wallet from which you have sent the Cryptocurrency to the criminals— some loopholes in policy and regulatory framework may lay the groundwork for a chargeback or a recall.

In conclusion, there are various alternative methods to fix and overcome frustrating crypto loss, despite the irreversible nature of Blockchain transactions. It may be lengthy, it may be costly, and it may not be for everyone, but we must not give up, stay positive and do the best we can with what we have.

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Got Scammed By your Broker?

You Can Get Your Money Back! 

Our Team Of Experts Specializes In Retrieving Lost Funds From Fraudulent Brokers Protection Status

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